So much to read online, so little time

With so much information available on the Internet, I appreciate it when others I trust sort through a lot of material and recommend the best choices to me. Twitter is one of my primary news aggregators as I follow a lot of law office management and technology experts on Twitter.


Starting in  2015, we launched the OBA Management Assistance Program Reading Room. It consists of links to dozen (or so) stories each month that we have found of interest. The articles are not all about law office management technology, but many are. They are all articles I think would be of interest to busy legal professionals.


Reading RoomSo the last two months we have gone a bit overboard and posted 43 articles to our Reading Room. These have spanned all sorts of topics from the impact of artificial intelligence on our profession to having difficult conversations, from responding to a data breach to mental health issues and the effect of Prince’s death on estate planning inquiries.


So I decided to take this opportunity to remind all of you to stop by our OBA MAP Reading Room and in particular take the opportunity to look at the collections we have curated from April 2016 and May 2016.

So much to read online, so little time

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